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Dance Classes

Shayne’s Tap ‘n’ Groove have a range of dance classes running during the school terms.

SHAYNE’S TAP ’N’ GROOVE has been teaching dance for the past 30 years and operates out of the Kurri Kurri Community Centre. Shayne’s Tap’n’Groove is renowned in the local area for being a vibrant, fun and family friendly dance studio.

Shayne has been dancing since she was 4 years old. She is a fully qualified school teacher and dance instructor. Her passion is helping children develop and reach their potential in a fun and safe way. This is why she loves her position as a teacher at St Patrick’s Cessnock as well as teaching in her studio.

For any additional information enquiries can be made via the Shayne's Tap 'n' Groove Facebook page

Shayne’s Tap’n’Groove provides tuition in:

Classes offered.

Move 'n' Groove

A fun filled education through dance class for children approx. 2-4 years.

It involves the parents staying and participating in activities with their child. It is great for children not yet ready to leave their mums or dads. It really is a learning through dance and movement class. Children engage in activities essential for their stage of development. They have lots of fun moving and using engaging props. They love spending quality time with their loved ones.

Tiny Tots + Sub Junior Combo Class

Designed to give our beloved little ones a taste of everything without them having to be in lengthy and costly classes. They will engage in ballet skills, tap skills and jazz skills in a class especially designed to keep moving and keep their interest. Fun, fun and more fun will be had. Please don’t think they need all 3 types of shoes straight away a pair of jazz shoes will be fine to start and then they can get the others as deemed necessary.

Boys Hip Hop + Street Tap Combo Class

This class is specifically designed for boys. Through their funky moves they will also increase their flexibility and strength. Due to popular demand, we have combined a Street Tap component this year. They do not need tap shoes straight away. The Street Tap is based on rhythms which they can make with any shoes to start.

P.D.A.U.T (Pullar's Academy Unique Technique) Tap Class

These classes start the year with their exam syllabus work. The tap classes are named to reflect their grade level (e.g. Tap 1, Tap 2) The students will be put into a class which reflects their ability level rather than their age. Students can decide whether they want to do the exams or not once they have given the technique a go. We try to sit our exams half way through the year. Our exam results are always outstanding. Concert work begins once the exams are over.

Jazz / Hip Hop / Acro Combo Class

In this class, the students learn the correct dance technique and develop their flexibility. They learn to get their ‘swagger’ on through the Australian Teachers of Dance Hip Hop Syllabus and this year we start the year with lessons from a qualified Gymnastics teacher. She will show them the correct technique to use for tumbling and all sorts of Acro moves. Lots of fun to be had!

Ballet Classes

Tiny Tots / Sub-Junior/ Junior and Intermediate

Tiny Tots / Sub-Junior/ Junior and Intermediate classes use the Royal Academy of Dancing Syllabus however we don’t sit for ballet exams. They learn all the relevant technique for their grade and then incorporate all this into a dance for our concert. We incorporate classical and modern expressive in the intermediate classes.

Senior / Open Ballet, Strength and Contemporary

This year the girls are all going to get some technique from The Royal Australian Ballet Syllabus, they will then move onto some strengthening work with the use of Thera bands, balance boards etc. They will then move into their contemporary work which will be taught from the Australian Teacher’s of Dance Contemporary Syllabus. We decided to do it this way as we feel to be a good contemporary dancer you need a strong body and certain skills from the Classical genre.

Pointe and BARRE Fitness

This class is designed for those students who have been doing Classical Ballet for a long time. We work specifically on their pointe work as well as developing strength and technique through BARRE Fitness workouts.

Open Street Tap

This would be a great class for any Adults wanting to learn some tap or re-enter the the tap world. We teach from the Australian Teachers Of Dance Street Beat Syllabus. This class is perfect for those students wanting to learn tap but not have the pressure of exams etc or who want to try something different. It is a ‘street friendly’ form of tap based more on rhythms than technique. Depending on enrolments we may need to split this class in 2. We can do a beginners and an advanced if needed.

Privates / Duos / Trios

The only private classes running this year are for eisteddfod (competition) students. However, if your child would like to do a duo/ trio in the concert this will be available if deemed that they have worked hard enough for it. These will not begin until Term 2. Please register your interest with Shayne.

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